Gift Guide Submissions

Think of our South Shore Holiday Gift Guide as your virtual shop window. Each South Shore merchant can submit up to six photos to the Gift Guide and we suggest two possible approaches.

  1. Submit individual gift ideas. This might be the new, the popular, the unique, or the unusual. You decide what you believe will make someone click on the gift, thereby revealing your business contact details and links. You can also upload a Gift Card image if that is something you offer.
  2. Submit a photo of a store display or shop window of gift ideas and provide a corresponding description. Note: you will still need to select a price category so try and use photos of items in a similar price range.
Gift Guide Submission

Gift Submissions

You may submit up to six gifts. Use the "Add Gift" button below to create additional entries. Please be sure to indicate if the item you are submitting is a gift card and not an individual product.
Limited to 400 characters - line breaks removed.

Maximum file size: 20MB